2017 The Most Popular 3 Apple Music Converters to MP3 Review


Apple Music is the music streaming service, unlike iTunes, it allows you to pay a flat fee to unlock access to Apple Music’s entire catalogue with 30 million songs. It provides multiple versions for people who have PC, Mac, iPhone, Android or Songs to enjoy the music with the devices they have. Most people have a great time with Apple Music for its ability to bring us close to the music world. However, due to the DRM protection on Apple Music, it is out of luck if you prefer listening to Apple Music in MP3, play the songs on MP3 player, or enjoy them in the car. You are not alone if you have the similar demand, and we are gathering 2017 the most popular Apple Music converters to MP3 to free your Apple Music and save the songs or entire playlist in MP3 for any requirement.

People are asking how to convert Apple Music to MP3:

I have a mp3 player that i want to use for listening to Apple Music. Is it possible to sync the songs to it? If there is any apple music to mp3 converter? –Dianna
I want to listen to my Apple music in the car, which supports only MP3, is there any way to convert Apple Music M4P files to MP3? –Katty
I am wondering if I can use a saved or downloaded apple music playlist like an mp3 file. I want to be able to put the music on a gps watch for running, is this possible to move an Apple Music playlist to an mp3 device? –Jacob

The Apple Music songs are in M4P format, which is protected by Apple’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) that prevents you from exporting Apple Music files to an unprotected format such as the most popular compatible format MP3. Fortunately, with the help of Apple Music to MP3 converter, you could get the DRM-free version of Apple Music and save the songs in MP3 for backing up on computer or enjoying in any MP3 player without restriction.

Best Apple Music to MP3 Converters and How They Work

There are some Apple Music converters in the market that advertised to convert Apple Music songs to MP3, but only some of them truly work. After testing, we select top 3 Apple Music Converters to MP3 of 2017 and tell you how they work to complete the task of saving Apple Music in common MP3 audio files.

NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter

iTunes DRM Audio Converter is a new product published in late 2015 by NoteBurner.Inc. It is used to convert any music that can be played on iTunes to MP3, AAC, FLAC and WAV format. The supported input music files including Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, audiobooks and local songs. It removes DRM from Apple Music and produces the DRM-free copy of the song with all metadata kept in 20x fast conversion speed. (Check the review >>)


How it works: iTunes DRM Audio Converter detects your iTunes library and convert the Apple Music files you add to MP3 files one by one. The converted songs are listed by artist, album name in the destination folder.

Why we love:

  • Truly work
  • Has regular update
  • Compatible with both Mac (including macOS High Sierra 10.13) and Windows platform
$39.95 Buy Now (Mac) $39.95 Buy Now (Windows)


Sidify Apple Music Converter

Sidify Apple Music Converter is developed by Sidify Inc which is a new player in DRM audio removal field. The program aims to remove the DRM protection from Apple Music songs in order to enjoy them offline, at any time. Embed with a modern-looking, intuitive interface, it is quite easy for people to complete the Apple Music to MP3 conversion in only 3 steps. The application retains the ID3 tags of the song in the output files. (Check the review >>)


How it works: Once the songs have been added to the conversion queue, Sidify Apple Music Converter displays the information by Title, Artist, album, Duration, Genre and convert them to various format such as MP3, M4A, M4B, lossless FLAC and WAV with fast speed.

Why we love:

  • Truly work
  • Has available quality presets: 320kbps, 256kbps, 128kbps. 64kbps
  • Compatible with both Mac (including macOS High Sierra 10.13) and Windows platform
$39.95 Buy Now (Mac) $39.95 Buy Now (Windows)


iSkysoft Audio Recorder

iSkysoft Audio Recorder is published by iSkysoft Inc which mainly develops video conversion tools. It is an audio recorder that has the ability to record unlimited music from 500+ music streaming websites. Escape from the Ad in music and automatically split tracks and separate audio files. So if only the music songs can be played, the audio recorder could record the sound and save in either MP3 or M4A format.


How it works: Hit the “Record” button to make the program ready for working. Go to the music sites or open application like iTunes and play the audio. Then iSkysoft Audio Recorder will detect the audio and start recording it automatically.

Why we love:

  • Truly work
  • Record music from multiple platform
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
$29 Buy Now (Mac) $29 Buy Now (Windows)


The top 3 most popular Apple Music Converter to MP3, which one to choose?

All the three Apple Music to MP3 audio converters listed above are capable of saving Apple Music songs to MP3 audio files. Thanks to the concise and self-explained interface of the applications, you could choose any of them to get the job done within several steps easily.

If you pay more attention on the time spent, we suggest you try NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter or Sidify Apple Music Converter. For the conversion speed, both iTunes DRM Audio Converter and Sidify Apple Music Converter remove DRM from Apple Music and act at 20X conversion speed. The iSkysoft Audio Recorder which records the music during the playback process, would take longer time. If you have music from multiple platform other than Apple Music that need to convert to MP3, you could try iSkysoft Audio Recorder or iTunes DRM Audio Converter to convert iTunes music or audiobooks to various formats.

If you are also looking for tools to free your purchased iTunes movies, audiobooks or eBooks, you should not miss the ultimate list DRM Removal applications.

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