2 Ways to Convert Apple Music and iTunes DRM M4P Songs to MP3


Love music? It is available to get the song by purchasing in store or access via online music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora… Believe or not, nearly 80% of people choose to purchase songs from iTunes or head to Apple’s new streaming service – Apple Music even it is known that Apple always adds restrictions to its media sources in some way. The songs sold or subscribed on iTunes Music Store/Apple Music are in M4P format which is encrypted with Digital Rights Management measures. That caused the problem, unless converting the DRM M4P to MP3, you are unable to enjoy the iTunes audio tracks with MP3 player, Sony Walkman, PS4…You are not alone for this issue:

I have purchased an Xbox One, and want to play my iTune purchase from m4p format to mp3. How can I do this? –Edward
I just want to be able to download the music from Apple Music since the quality is nice. I want to burn them into CD for listening in the car. But how to save Apple Music tracks as MP3? –Kevin
Is there any way to remove the DRM from iTunes Apple Music that I downloaded with the “Make Available Offline” option? I have tried 3 different software programs that claim that they can convert .m4p to .mp3 and remove the DRM hold that they have. None of them have worked. If someone could kindly point me to one that works 100%? -Jeff

The following we will figure it out and offer 2 solutions to convert iTunes or Apple Music M4P songs to MP3 with 100% successful rate.

Solution 1: Convert iTunes M4P to MP3 within iTunes

Comparing to spending time on searching M4P to MP3 converters in the market, it is wise to make use of iTunes itself and check whether iTunes helps. Fortunately, iTunes could help convert M4P to MP3 by burning and reimport.


1. Burn the the iTunes M4P songs onto a CD.

2. When it has finished burning, enter that CD into your computer again.

3. Click on “Audio CD” under “source” on the left side of your screen in iTunes.

4. Then right click on the track you want to convert to an MP3.

5. Select “convert to MP3”

6. Once it has finished converting, copy that file to somewhere else on your computer.

7. Copy it again from where you just pasted it, and paste it into your MP3 player or other music players as you like.

The Good:

  • Free
  • Excellence quality with its encoding process

The Bad:

  • Can’t work for Apple Music
  • Take too long for converting huge albums

Apple removed DRM from iTunes music since 2009, although it is a good news, it can’t change the fact that the songs you purchased from iTunes store are in DRM M4P format during 2003 to 2009. For those songs, you could convert the DRM protected M4P audios to MP3 in iTunes.

Solution 2: Convert iTunes M4P to MP3 with DRM Audio Converter

Using M4P to MP3 converter may be the most effective solution to convert the DRM songs with M4P format to plain MP3. Generally speaking, you just need to add the iTunes songs or Apple Music tracks to the DRM audio converter, then choose MP3 as the output, press Convert to start the M4P to MP3 conversion and it is done. It is much faster and easier.

After testing, we finally choose iTunes DRM Audio Converter to help convert the DRM M4P to MP3 files for its interface, features, stability and compatibility.


Only $39.95 For Mac Only $39.95 For Windows

The Good:

  • Remove DRM from iTunes M4P songs as well as Apple Music
  • Support outputting to MP3, AAC, WAV and FLAC
  • Keep ID3 tags
  • Up to 20x conversion speed

The Bad:

  • None

After conversion, the iTunes DRM Audio Converter retains the correct organization of the music, i.e. the album, the artist, genre, etc.

Only $39.95 For Mac Only $39.95 For Windows

With any solution provided above, you are able to convert DRM M4P to MP3, remove the DRM from iTunes songs or Apple Music successfully. It is time for your enjoying the songs via MP3 player, PS4, Xbox, Walkman or any music player you like.

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