How to Play iTunes Movies on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung announced its latest Android smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on March 11, 2016. The Galaxy S7 received generally positive reviews with critics praising the return of the micro SD card slot and waterproofing. The powerful hardware they were equipped with, the smart design they were made with, the new technology they were utilized make them one of the most popular smartphones in this year.

Some consumers may consider switching to Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) from their current smartphone (either Android or iPhone). Some of them may purchased a lot of movies or TV shows from the iTunes Store. When switching to Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge), these consumers may be aware that these iTunes movies or TV shows are not playable on their new Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge). It is a very disappointing fact that we cannot enjoy our favorite iTunes collection with this fantastic smartphone.

Play iTunes movies on Samsung Galaxy S7

What made us unable to play the iTunes movies or TV shows on Galaxy S7 (Edge)? It is the DRM protection technology Apple uses which is called “FairPlay DRM”. This technology encrypts the contents we purchase from the iTunes Store so that Apple can tie us on their platform. We are only able to play the iTunes movies or TV shows with iTunes program and the Apple ID we used to purchase these contents.

Does it mean we are tied by Apple in our whole life and cannot own the contents we bought from the iTunes Store with the freedom of playing them anywhere we want? Not exactly. We can use iTunes DRM removal tools to bypass the FairPlay DRM protection and make our iTunes movies and TV shows playable on any devices with any media player programs.

This article will show you how to play iTunes movies or TV shows on Galaxy S7 (Edge) at ease.

The DRM removal tool we are going to use in this article is Noteburner M4V Converter Plus. It is a comprehensive iTunes M4V Converter. It enables you convert iTunes video rentals and purchases to another DRM-free format with 100% lossless quality. Output to various formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MP3, AAC…, while retaining all subtitles and audio tracks after conversion at 20X faster conversion speed.

3 Steps to Make the iTunes Movies Playable on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge)

Step 1. Add the iTunes Movies You are Going to Convert from the iTunes Library

Launch the program, the iTunes would start along with this program automatically and you can hide it in the task bar. Click on “Add Movies” button on the top left, the iTunes library will appear by default. Select your desired iTunes movies from the list. You can  also search the iTunes Movies through the search bar at the bottom.

The program also supports batch conversion which can save your time when converting multiple iTunes movies.

The interface

Step 2. Configure the Output Formats

The program already has some preconfigured output profiles which you can choose from by activating the dropdown list at the bottom left of the interface. You can just leave it as default because MP4 is a plain video format which can be played on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) as well as other Android smartphones.

Choose output
Step 3. Start Converting the iTunes Movies to DRM-free Video

Click on “Convert” button at the bottom right. The program will start processing the conversation. Once done, the output folder will be opened automatically. These files are all DRM-free files which you can play on Galaxy S7 (Edge) at ease.

Converting process

The conversion process is pretty fast, converting 24 minutes iTunes movies costs around 2 minutes. The quality is as good as the source video file with all subtitles and audio tracks retained. Now, you can use your new purchased Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge to watch iTunes movies or TV shows freely.

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